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Borinquen Defensores De Animales Del Sur

We are a group of friends of the Puerto Rican animals who are interested in their welfare.  Boriquen Defenders of Animals of the South (BDAS) will provide educational information to the public regarding the proper care of their pets and animals, dog and cat vacination clinics, and sterilization and castration of their dogs and cats at a discounted price for pet owners that lack the funds.

We are a not-for-profit organization whose main funding will come from fund raising and special events such as yard sales. We invite the public interested in participating with BDAS as volunteers and/or fund raisers to contact either Nancy Goslin, Margaret Czapiga, or Dora Carbonell.

BDAS will work closely with local veterinarians in southern Puerto Rico, with the mayors office in the town of Guánica and other government offices dealing with animal welfare.

Come join us in helping our Puerto Rican animal friends to survive and live a healthier life.

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Yard Sale Items Needed

Yard sale items to be sold in Guánica.  The proceeds will be used to benefit the animals.

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Borinquen Defenders of Animals of the South