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Island Scuba

Pescadores De Playa Santa

Pescadores de Playa Santa

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2010.02.23 Iggy is back....with his family this time...what to do?

Mud and Silt Pollute the Water at Playa Santa.....ongoing; awareness is helping to correct the problem!

Mud and Silt at Playa Santa Caused By Sewer Construction 2010.02.17

The water at Playa Santa is being polluted with silt and mud runoff from construction.  Silt and turbidity are a major killer of coral.  Beginning at Playa Santa and going west are the largest collection of healthy reefs in Puerto Rico.  Construction and debris […]

2010.02.01 The Iguana Invasion at Playa Santa!

Iggy the Iguana

We were in our backyard wondering why our red flowering tree had lost so many of its flowers and nearly all its leaves.  Then we saw him! Iggy the iguana, feasting away at our tree.

See This Iguana Feeding in Slow Motion

See The Photo Album of the Iguana

More info about Iguanas:

Iguana eating bougainvillea […]