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Pescadores de Playa Santa

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Guánica Will Miss Madeleine Cancel!

Madeleine Cancel 1949 – 2010

Madeleine Cancel passed away Christmas Eve, 2010.

Madeleine dedicated her life to protecting the sea.  Her company,  Camared,  taught generations a special love of this planet.     Visit the Camared website.

I first met Madeleine at a water clean-up day in Guaypao, 2008.  Having heard so much about her I walked […]

Reef Riding is Destructive and Illegal! (Not to Mention – Irresponsible)

It is illegal to Reef Ride

It is an all too common site to see boaters riding the waves over a reef.  It is destructive, irresponsible, and ILLEGAL!  See the boating regulations of Puerto Rico, 150 feet from reef structures and a 5 MPH restriction in the bay.  This is a by chance photo series […]

2010.03.20 The Finest Kielbasa in Sibieria (Guánica That Is!)


Gallito Kielbasa

Import the finest Kielbasa from NYC, import an Irish chef, light the grill in Siberia, Guánica, add some roasted chili peppers, a slice of Irish Soda Bread…WOW…food good enough to bring the cows home.


2010.03.05 Madeleine Does it Again! A Cleaner Guánica!


Las Pardas Cleanup

Madeleine reports that 118 old car tires and  1013 pounds of trash were cleaned from the Las Pardas beach March 5, 2010  The event attracted 20 persons from the Land Administration, 18 from DRNA, 10 from Guánica Public Works, and 15 Volunteers from Camared.  Guánica sent several trucks and equipment to ease […]

What size conch can I legally take from the sea in Puerto Rico?

What size conch can I legally take from the sea in Puerto Rico?

After a lot of research, we found that the conch must measure 9 inches point to point!  It takes about 3 years to reach that size.  Conch reproduce very well, but the population must be managed.  READ MORE HERE.

This is an excellent […]

2010.01.30 Viejo San German Street Fair Fundraiser

Viejo San German Under a Full Moon

2010.01.30 Viejo San German Street Fair fundraiser under a full moon!  Wow.

See the photos HERE.

2010.01.29 Bodegas Andreu Solé at Ensenada, PR

Bodegas Andreu Solé

What a wonderful place to kick back and listen to the music Fridays and Saturdays!  Indoor bar, outdoor bar with Sangria a specialty.  Absolutely fabulous music and entertainment under the Ylang Ylang tree.

Click for a few night photo shots.

Video of an Evening Under the Stars With a Harp (Windows Media)

Info on the Ylang […]

2009.08.07 = Go Green – Go Clean @ Playa Santa (click to read more….)

Clean Up August 2009

Thanks to a great group of volunteers!

See the Photos Here.

If you would like to hear more about our efforts to Go Green & Go Clean @ Playa Santa or wish to volunteer with any type of service (help clean, write, photos, suggestions, donate, etc.), please fill out the form below to […]